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Olinda´s old town centre (distance 15 km)
Beautifully located on the slope the colonial village and many churches are nestling among coconut palms and mango trees. Beside impressive baroque art and architecture cafes and art-openings mixes a lively crowd of artists and intellectuals.

Recife (distance 20 km)
Also called the Venice of Brazil it offers many bridges and uncountable sight. The main part of the old town centre has been renovated during the past years and the huge colonial-style houses are impressive. Especially the Rua Bom Jesus in considered to be the meeting place of the distinguished citizens.

The second biggest town of Pernambuco is situated in the inland region, a 140 km distance from Recife. Here you will find the biggest art-market of South-America, with handcrafts made from leather, ceramics and textiles.

Dinner in one of Recife´s best Churrascarias (steak house).

Old town market in Recife
On a Sunday afternoon a visit of Recife´s old town market is worth your while the market offers local handcrafts and live music. Cosy taverns invite you to stay.

Trips by push-bike
Explorer the area by bike and cicle to the nearby beaches - for sure a lot of fun:

Fort de Pau Amarelo
Mangue Seco
Veneza Water Park
Veneza Water Park
Not far from us, just 3km, is the "Veneza Waterpark". It offers great attractions for the entire family.

Beach Trips

Our local beaches are perfect for you to become acclimatized:

Pau Amarelo

Our local beach is only 1 km from our guest house. Here it is easy to make friends with the locals who are known for their joy of life and hospitality to visitors from abroad. That is one of the reasons why so many of our guests jeep returning.

Maria Farinha
This is our neighbouring district and easily to access by oush-bike. If you are not a cyclist just catch on of the mini-busses which depart about every 5 minutes (for 1,75 Real only). Also located in Maria Farinha is the water park "Veneza Waterpark" with lots of attractions.

We also offer nice trips to the beaches in Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte by minibus:

Island Itamaracá

This nearby located island is known for the old, Dutch built fortress Fort Orange. You can enjoy the gorgeous sandy beaches or the marvellous outlook to the sandbank "Coroa de Avião". Right next to the fortress lies the rescue centre of the Brazilian nature conservation trust (IMABA), which cares for stranded sea cows.

Porto de Galinhas
Located ca. 90 km south of us it is one of the most popular holiday resorts of Brazil (unfortunately it is rather crowed during the holiday season). Beaches with crystal clear water beaches invite you for a swim and with the Jangadas you can sail to the reefs, where many colourful fishes can be seen.

Calhetas and Gaibu
These two beaches are about 70 km south of Recife. Calhetas is a dreamlike bay , slightly hidden between rocks. Stretching for miles the beach of Gaibu is not far away behind a hill. It is well known for its breaking waves which attracts lots of surfers during summer.

3-days-trip to Pipa (Rio Grande do Norte)
Pipa is a small paradise, about 280 km north of Recife. This former fishing village has developed into a jewel and is today an international meeting place. Despite of the tremendous development the long beaches have hardly changed and in a bay dolphins can be spotted most of the time. The trip includes two overnight stays in a guest-house.



The seafloor´s world is fascinating and full of colourful creatures. Sunken ships offer new habitats for various kind of sealife.

The coast of Recife is known as one of the world´s best diving spots for ship wrecks. Within a radius of only a few kilometers around Recife more than a dozen wrecks ca be found., from the caravells of the 18th century to the freighters which were sunk during the last 10 years.

Recifes´s best diving base "Aquaticos" offers diving courses for beginners guided by professional diving teachers. The course starts in the pool of the base which prepares you for two diving excursions in the ocean.

Almost daily there is an opportunity to dive for ship wrecks in different depths, for intermediate but also experienced divers. Nitro bottles are used for diving in deeper waters.

It is only 23 km from us in Pau Amarelo to the diving base. There is a local bus which takes you straight from us to the diving base “Aquaticos". That takes about 30 minutes.

wrecks diving in Recife wrecks diving in Recife

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Art-market  Caruaru

Steakhouse - Churrascaria

Recife´s old town market

Beach of Pau Amarelo

Maria Farinha

See cows in Itamaraca

Porto de Galinhas

Beach of Calhetas

Sunset in Pipa


Diving with Aquaticos

Diving in Recife

fascination diving Recife


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